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It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the website of the Oaklands Hunt Club. Oaklands was one of the original foundation Hunt Clubs of Victoria and was established on 28th July 1888, after it’s inaugural hunt that day from the Inverness Hotel in Bulla. We are based at Sherwood, Somerton Road, Greenvale, approximately 5 minutes from Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport.

For Member’s, we provide agistment, use of facilities, including riding through approximately 300 acres of park like grounds, dressage¬† and showjumping arena’s and organise hunting clinics for both rider and horse education.

We have a very active hunting programme between May and September, competitions on site including a hunter show annually during August, teams representing Oaklands at the Melbourne Royal Show and social events including an annual Hunt Ball, Christmas function and the only hound show in Victoria.

You will find more details on the website, but if you would like more information please use our contact form and we will be delighted to answer any queries you may have.

1888 – 1900 Alexander McDougall
1890 R. G. Stevenson (Acting)
1901 – 1908 Alister Clark
1908 – 1915 Capt. C. E. Hobson
1915 – 1918 W. C. A. Knight (Acting)
1918 – 1922 Capt. C. E. Hobson
1922 – 1929 W. C. A. Knight
1929 – 1935 E. C. Robertson
1935 – 1947 Judge W. H. Magennis
1947 – 1955 G. A. Watkins
1955 – 1971 Keith Campbell
1971 – 1972 Keith Campbell, J. M. Cox D.F.C.
1972 – 1981 J. M. Cox D.F.C.
1981 – 1983 H. E. Rundle
1983 J. C. Bradbury (Acting)
1983 – 1993 Mrs C. L. Cameron-Kennedy
1993 – 1995 C. Edwards
1995 – 2004 Mrs C. L. Cameron-Kennedy, D. F. Cameron-Kennedy
2004 – 2006 B. Dumbrell, Mrs K. U. S. Cust, G. Sampson
2007 G. Sampson
2008 R. C. Cameron-Kennedy, D. Green
2011 R. C. Cameron-Kennedy, D. Green, Dr. R. Watson
2012 – 2013 Mrs C. L. Cameron-Kennedy, R. C. Cameron-Kennedy
2013 – 2014 Mrs C. L. Cameron-Kennedy, R. C. Cameron-Kennedy, R. Inglesant
2014 – 2017 R. C. Cameron-Kennedy, R. Inglesant
2017 – D. Rogers , R.C. Cameron-Kennedy